1975  Grand boiler master Mr. Muzaffer Güzelyazıcı laid the foundations of our business in an atalier located at Beşyol/BURSA by servicing on electricity utilities & boiling machines.

1978 We produced electirical panel by our first tailstok machinery.

1979  We started to do turn-key projects such as electiricty, plumbing, commitment and assembly for factory buildings.

1981 We diversified our machinery equipments by adding folding-machine, press-machine, clippers.

1990  We became the authorized service of Alarko brand's heavy industry products.

1992 We started to produce the support sheet metal of pvc & cable in Şükraniye Industry Zone with our self-produced Rollform bench.

1994  We increased our quality by full automatic folding-machine and guillotine presses.

1995  We carried our production facility to our new possessed factory in Otosansit Industry Zone.

1999  We started to produce metal furniture accessories

2002 We started to produce pipe in special shaped by modernizing our Rollform bench.

2006  We increased our production capability by purchasing our first CNC pipe bending bench.

2011 We changed our Company title to Boruform Metal Machinery.

2012  We purchased our third mandrel pipe bending CNC machine with many molds.

2014 We expanded our production facility by carrying to Nilüfer Organized Industry Zone.

2016 We established our self molding atelier by 3 CNC milling machine & 1 CNC lathe

2018 We integrated robotic welding machine to the production